Lou Pastina, Senior Vice President, NYSE
Brad Paley looks at the world differently, and provides a perspective in design that is innovative and intuitive for users. He is able to combine his unusual perspective with years of proven successful design and implementation to deliver transformational change with the mastery of a minimalist.

Tim Mahoney, CEO, BIDS Trading
The first generation [of the BIDS user interface] was clear and easy, but it was not nearly as simple as it is now...

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Cognitive Engineering:
Design as Optimization

Interface design can be more than fashion or branding; it can be an optimization process that connects data with business tasks in a deep and effortless way. To do this we need to focus on the cognitive machinery an expert uses when sharing information with a computer: we need to understand the mind’s sub-second responses to the computer. But the skills needed to do this are not yet taught in business schools, computer science curricula or design schools.

We specialize in what might be called extremely domain-specific interfaces. A quarter century of innovation—and careful listening—have created a new design methodology: one that leverages the knowledge experts develop in their domains. Instead of throwing away the idiosyncratic richness of a domain just to satisfy one-size-fits-all computer interface rules, we develop new interface rules that respect those idiosynchrosies. We order and layer information the way experts do in their own minds, connecting the screen to the way they actually think.


Examples of past didi interface designs

Not surprisingly people recognize elements of their practice in these interfaces, saying things like “That’s not a computer; it just shows what I do.” The result is effortless adoption, peer-to-peer training, lower risk, and much higher efficiency.

Look through your interface and see the real job; we’ll show you how.


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Podcast InterviewSell-Side Technology
Founder W. Bradford Paley was interviewed by SST editor Rob Daly for this podcast 

Bids Trading UI Gets Facelift Dealing With Technology; May 10, 2010
Working with Brad Paley ... at Digital Image Design (DIDI), Bids developed methods to manage interaction between the actions of traders, the actions of systems and recognition by traders ... “Most systems show a view of the database,” says Hanson. “But your order is an object—a thing—you don't think of it as a row of data in a database. We needed object-oriented interfaces that speak in terms relative to a human's cognition process.”
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New West Coast HQ: early 2014
221 Washington St., Oakland CA
The historic Parker Electric building
Purchased; remodeling has begun 

Artist Talk, August 12, 2010; 6:00pm
Google, Chelsea, New York
W.B. Paley discussed works in Google NY Headquarters art exhibition
Google Talks on YouTube (Brad at 31:31) 

Invited Talk, August 20, 2010
UCLA Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics
Social Networks Inside and Outside Humanities Data
Networks and Network Analysis for the Humanities: an NEH Institute for Advanced Topics in Digital Humanities 

Keynote, November 7-10, 2010
Saarbrücken, Germany
ACM Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces 2010 



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